The Anatomy Cats started out as four buds who liked to drink beer and try to sound like Minor Threat if Minor Threat was playing NOFX covers. Since then we've played dozens of shows, met dozens of friends, learned alot about ourselves and the world we live in and gained a life experience together that we will cherish forever. 

It's weird but, ya, this is our last show and we'd really love it if you could come out and celebrate with us. We're honored to have a couple amazing bands joining us for the celebration:

Quite possibly the best ska/skate punk band in Alberta. Good friends, great musicians, wonderful humans

Patriarchy-shredding punk rock. A critically important voice in the Edmonton punk community.

Anti-corruption, anti-oppression dad punk

$10 at the door (or whatever you can afford - no one will be turned away for a lack of funds)
Note: all proceeds from the door will be donated to the Center for Race and Culture