Steve Steffler was a Edmonton institution. He was a co-owner of Bohemia and founder of Sometimes Music, through which he released a number of amazing records. He embodied everything good about the Edmonton art community. A bunch of great Edmonton bands are coming to pay tribute to him including:

5:00 - West to Alaska
5:45 - Magnet and the Magnettes
6:30 - Hewson Grey
7:15 - Street League
8:00 - Counterfeit Jeans
8:45 - Borrachera
9:30 - Dead Fibres
10:15 - RHG
11:00 - BOOSH

Projections by Evan Pearce.

There will also be 4 raffles for awesome prizes!:
A Painting by Patrick Ellis
Oilers vs. Sharks tickets on Jan.10
4 Records
and 3 CDs, 2 t-shirts, 5 tapes, 2 USB sticks and 6 stickers. 
All merch prizes from killer edmonton bands including Counterfeit Jeans, Dead Fibres, Street League, RHG(Red Hot Gospel) and more!

$10 Cover
All proceeds will be given to Steve's family