Daniel Moir returns to Edmonton with guests Lyra Brown and Liam Trimble.

Tickets $12 at the door, $10 advance at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/daniel-moir-band-lyra-brown-liam-trimble-tickets-24275848717

Daniel Moir - https://danielmoir.bandcamp.com/

Daniel Moir is a Canadian singer/songwriter/producer who resides in Vancouver, and has currently released three solo albums. Daniel has played at numerous festivals and conferences, and has toured extensively in Canada, the United States, and Indonesia. Daniel has toured with artists like Kevin Kane (Grapes of Wrath), and has shared the stage with artists like Kathleen Edwards, Shad and Timber Timbre. His songs have received much support from the CBC as well as placements with NBC, with his song "Change the World" ("the Country and the Sea" EP) appearing in the season finale of the hit American TV series "Mercy".

Lyra Brown - http://music.cbc.ca/#!/artists/Lyra-Brown

Lyra's eclectic influences lend to her distinct sound, placing her in a genre beyond convention. Her songbird voice and insightful material captivate the ear and mind alike. Her blend of classical/indie/folk/rock yields a sonorous style, igniting the imagination of the listener. She looks forward to further developing as an artist: writing, performing and recording her next album.

Liam Trimble - https://liamtrimble.bandcamp.com/

Liam Trimble is an Edmonton based weird-folk artist. He is also the lead singer of baroque pop practitioners Illfit Outfit, and co-member of Bike Month alongside Doug Hoyer. He has toured throughout Canada and has shared the stage with bands as far reaching as Yo La Tengo and Cowboy Junkies. Member of the strongly centralized OLD UGLY amalgam, his albums have been OLD UGLY Recording Co. releases available atwww.olduglyco.com.