SwampWolf is Illusha Zvook Krivosheiko. A natural born eclectic rhythmist who uses the guitar, banjo and voice as his main instruments of expression. His lyrics, which are incessantly honest, embrace controversial topics in a very (im)personal and darkly humorous way, consequently putting him in the role of the anti-hero. All this is indubitably revealed in his musical compositions which is impossible to pin down with a genre. He also incorporates overtone/throat singing into both his records and live sets. He is hitting the road across Canada for the month of April to tour his new album "The Laconic Bard". 


Arkavello is a talented young trio hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. They were brought together through the love of music and their will to make a positive change on the planet. The trio combines elements of Rock,Pop,Folk and Jazz into a diverse sound never heard before. With harmonies that are as delicate as they are powerful, intricate guitar riffs, groovy bass lines and distinctive tribal drum patterns, they continue to grow and evolve as advanced musicians as they push the boundaries of music itself.


Our Good Wolf
Because of their wayward and diverse musical and personal interests, Our Good Wolf has been pulled like clay into a rather eclectic character. They've had trouble defining their sound, with words like “folk-rock,” “pop,” “indie-rock,” and “alternative” being thrown around. Some of their biggest influences, in hindsight, seem to be modern alternative music, classic lo-fi rock, folk and country bands, and possibly things like fantasy books, personal health, a love of animals, 18th Century Romantic poetry, and the student lifestyle. But really, their supporters have honoured them the most by describing their music as original, honest, thoughtful, and interesting.