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Sometimes miracles happen and magic is created in an instant. Other times, it takes 15 years, multiple lineups, nearly a dozen albums, hundreds of live shows and thousands of kilometers until four people enter a studio to create what they consider their best work of their careers.

Such is the story of The Hi-Strung Downers, a four-piece forged in Calgary, Alberta, Canada out of the ashes of some of Western Canada’s most active rockabilly, punk rock and alt-country units from the past decade and a half.

On their sophomore release, Can’t Feel Good All The Time, the Downers have transcended those rockabilly roots and crafted a sound all their own; rooted in the classic sounds of 1950’s and 60’s rock and roll, rhythm and blues and country western with punk rock attitude and Rat Pack style. It’s not 1955 anymore, and neither is this record or this sound.