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Three ladies, one man, denim tuxedos and a whole lotta rock n’ roll. Switches are your favorite band. Only with more sing along parts. And more parts in each song. And less guitar solos. And more women. And more lazer ray power.




Pre Nup is a relatively new band made up of members of dearly missed Calgary band Grown-Ups. Originally intended as a “wimpy” project, they somehow stumbled into making loud and fast pop songs, including a release for Kingfisher Bluez. On stage, members of Lab Coast round out their sound.




While obviously informed by a lot of the touchstones of 90s music: punk, sludge, chain wallets, Riot Grrl, and the Pacific Northwest, there is nothing consciously “retro” about Banshee’s music. What the three-piece takes from the time-period is more thematic in nature, and they apply this in attempting to understand and navigate power, gender, relationships, and privilege.