Mercury Room Yeg Field Trips and Double Lunch Productions present....
(at The Almanac on Whyte.)

Yes We Mystic with
King of Foxes and Upper Lakes
Thursday, July 7th
Tickets $10



A five-piece group from Winnipeg, Yes We Mystic grabs ideas and aesthetics from all over the map and ventures to morph them into something entirely different. They take their favorite bits of folk, rock, and R&B, hurl strings and mandolins together with synthesizers, pedals, and samples, and come up with music that can mellow and groove but climb in an instant to towering, frenzied heights. Throwing opposites together creates a space. Yes We Mystic prides itself in living in these spaces.


King of Foxes’ debut LP, Golden Armour, shines as brightly as its title suggests: a tough outer shell that glistens with a delicious combination of slick pop hooks and leader Olivia Street’s infectious, pop-tinged vocals. The album has no shortage of high-octane anthems that offer a powerful blend of garage rawness and alt rock influences, and has been steadily charting on independant radio stations accross Canada since its release in early 2016.


Upper Lakes is a four piece Edmonton alternative band with pop and experimental influences. Their sound is defined by heavy use of synthesizer and samplers. One could say their songs range from heavy alternative rock, to melodic sombre piano ballads.