Last Odd Wednesday, we had our biggest crowd ever, hitting our venue's capacity and cramming in audience members like so many little makis in a tightly-packed bento box! We're officially on a ROLL now, and trying to stop us now would be like trying to stop after just one piece of tempura: it's just not happening. How am I doing with these sushi references? Pretty good, I feel like. It's a weird connection to make, but I'm pulling it off. Anyway, this time around, Edmonton's favourite/only biweekly sketch comedy showcase brings you...

...the raw comedy of TIM MIKULA! funny it's a little fishy, MARV N' BERRY!
...the hot-like-wasabi hilarity of REBECCA MERKLEY!
...guaranteed to maki you laugh, SWEETHEARTZ!
...and the "can you ask the waitress for a fork?" of comedy, THE DEBUTANTES!

It all goes down at The Sewing Machine Factory on Whyte, downstairs from Mill Creek Cafe (entrance at back of building). As always, we'll also have hilarious short films, tasty Mill Creek treats, and all sorts of other weirdness. All for only five bucks! Will we suSHI (see) you there???