Gary Debussy is three old friends playing noisy instrumental music on a guitar, bass and drums in Edmonton, Canada. The group's members have worked together since 2003 on a sound that mixes punk, metal, rock and improvised noise in tight, blistering arrangements. Gary has shared bills with bands like Deerhoof, The Shooting Guns, Zebra Pulse, Jom Comyn, Freak Heat Waves, Fist City, Slates, Boosh and Faith Healer. The band recorded many times over the years, but it was only after hitting Edmontone Studio and working with sound engineer Doug Organ that the members felt they had something ready for release. New record in hand, Gary plans to keep playing whatever rooms and festivals will have them while writing new music in the basement where they have spent the past fifteen years.

Members: Drums: Sean Macintosh Guitar: Kyle Cullen Bass: Tim Wilson

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