Pigeon Breeders are a trio formed in 2011. Steeped in the burgeoning Edmonton noise/experimental music community, they developed a unique blend of ambient, electroacoustic, free improvisation, noise, and psychedelic music; their work has been described as “gently unsettling washes of sound ... intelligent, beautiful sonic art".

Their improvisatory nature has lead to collaborations with artists from a variety of mediums, including: filmmaker Lindsay McIntyre; Mile Zero Dance Troupe; Calgary's Jung People; Brooklyn's Nate Wooley; Nickelas Johnson (Smokey & The Feelings, Field & Stream), Devin Friesen (Bitter Fictions), Sean Macintosh (Zebra Pulse, Gary Debussy), Liam Trimble (Diamond Mind), Kevin Gaudet (Mercy Funk, Mortillery), Matthew McKenzie (Taiwan), and Connor O’Brien (Flint).

Pigeon Breeders are:
Will Scott
Myles Bartel
Tyler Harland
+ guests

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