The legendary Math-Rock/Post-Grindcore/IDM/Break-Core geniuses find themselves teaming up with long time allies Double-Lunch at the behest of their valiant leader Noah Michael. If I Look Strong; You Look Strong have released 9 Albums including 4 Full-Lengths as well as numerous singles, remixes, and compilations. They’ve played all over Canada from Victoria to Quebec and everywhere in between. Their live band (2019) consists of THE TOO MUCH, and Danny Petza as well as Noah himself.

Their new album is called Entropy and is a 96 minute journey from the start of the universe up until the end of it. The main character is a molecule. It’s featured on double-cassette in lime green and galactic purple and designated as DBLCH-038. Double compact disc available from Non-Minutiae Records.

Please Don’t Be Sad.

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