Saturday Oct. 1st get your cool hats, trendy shoes, and Grampa's old-yet-cool-again belt buckles on cause this is a party for the ages! You all know it, you all love it, it's probably where you met your current S.O. or perhaps your regretable one night stand that wouldn't stop trying to make you their "world famous" waffles in the morning despite your numerous hints that it was time to leave. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's a rock show at Bohemia. Bohemia, time and time again, has proven itself to be one cozy little situation of both adventurous and good vibes. We, for what it matters, couldn't be happier to be back.

On The Frontline
On The Frontline is a alternative rock band from Edmonton, Alberta. 

The Daily Mail
The Daily Mail is an alternative rock n roll group heralding from across Alberta. Located in Edmonton, the band formed after venturing through many performances together during their first year of music school. Craving the adrenaline and freedom only original music can bring, the band decided to pursue a concept too relentless for the confines of institution. The sound these lads create is a result of their collective musical endeavors fusing into a blisteringly loud yet welcoming rebellion. Their upcoming demo is equal parts gritty UK R’n’R, throwback charm of Canadiana, and a sly tip of the hat to the jazz greats they grew up on. The Daily Mail isn’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves and welcome you into their world. Simply put, they are music school gone bad.

Free The Cynics
'Free the Cynics defy the tired hat of rock 'n' roll and deliver something new and refreshing.' - Beatroute Magazine

Punk band from Edmonton,AB