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Pretty Archie is a Country/Folk/Bluegrass band from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Long time friends Brian Cathcart (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Matt McNeil (Lead Guitar, Mandolin), Colin Gillis (Harmonica, Bass, Vocals) and Redmond MacDougall (Banjo, Percussion, Vocals) make up this quartet. Always jamming together growing up, they guys decided in May 2012 to form a band. The band chose the name Pretty Archie after a local (Cape Breton) character known for playing with 2 strings outside shopping malls in any weather and not always (or ever) in key. The guys thought the name Pretty Archie embodied the love of playing and performing music along with representing their hometown.

"Old Towns is the moniker of singer-songwriter, Robbie Shirriff. Blending the raw energy and driving force of punk, with the simplistic beauty of folk, Shirriff’s love songs will have you stomping along, and his drinking songs will make your heart smile. In addition to playing this year’s Pouzza Fest in Montreal, he has been featured in Dying Scene, Bucketlist Reviews, and Punknews, who place him to the tradition of such acts as Chuck Ragan, Joey Cape, and Andrew Jackson Jihad. Raised in Saskatoon, SK, Shirriff has three releases to date, including 2014’s Leaving Songs and 2015’s The Northey Sessions. He has a forthcoming split EP with Vancouver musician Bryan Michael, and plans for a full-length release in the future. At 24 years old, his talent as a singer is magnetic, and perfectly accompanied by the warm, robust chords of his acoustic guitar, his harmonica, and his boots on the floor. If folk is said to be '3 chords and the truth', then Old Towns is that with a nosebleed and a three-dollar pint."

$10 Advance/$12 Door
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