FOONYAP // A “palimpsest” is a manuscript in which traces of the original can still be found – FOONYAP’s latest album is a raw and unguarded reflection of her tumultuous journey to self-discovery. A hauntingly beautiful blend of folk and electronic that incorporates her Chinese heritage, each song captures various components of her past and present realities. 


The Hermitess // The Hermitess is the solo project of songwriter and harpist Jennifer Crighton, who comes by way of various other musical incarnations, including The Consonant C and Devonian Gardens. Stripping back the performance to a harp and a circle of women's voices, the Hermitess is an inquisitive, contrary, wounded, wise and ever dreaming incantation. 


Harshmellow // Harshmellow is a dip in deep waters. Unafraid to be vulnerable and authentic, Harshmellow wraps you warmly before steering you through the underworld as guides, companions, or wayward thieves we cannot tell. 

$12 at the door

All ages and licenced