JCL and Double Lunch present
Brad Roberts (singer of Crash Test Dummies), w/ Ego The Jackal, and guests
Fri, Nov 11th
The Almanac on Whyte
10351 82 Avenue
All Ages and Licensed, Doors 7 pm
Adv tickets available as of Fri, Sept 30, at YEG Live, and Blackbyrd Myoozik

Five years ago, Brad Roberts put out a tenth Crash Test Dummies record, did a handful of small, memorable shows, and then decided to call it quits. He wasn't the first one to do so.
"Ellen was the last Crash Test Dummy to tour with me," Brad says, "and after the last record, she announced that she was retiring. She just doesn't want to be on the road anymore. She loves having dogs. And she has a great husband whom she missed very much. Not in that order. And I can't blame her."
But that wasn't all.
"My back was bothering me a great deal."
To address his back, Roberts spent five years delving deeply into yoga and eventually became a yoga teacher. He even put out a recording of Sanskrit texts blended with electronic music, under the moniker "Rajanaka: Mantra."
"I had no intention of returning to music, besides little side-projects like the mantra record," he says.
But Roberts became restless.
"There's nothing like getting a crowd's rapt attention. Turns out it's habit-forming. I miss it more than I thought I would."
His attitudes have also changed over the years.
"I used to see touring as a necessary evil; back then, what I really wanted to do was make records. However, I got better over the years at performing - despite myself. Now, I've come full circle: it's the live experience I cherish most."
Roberts decided to call his agent and see if there would be any interest in Brad Roberts as a solo act. There was.
"I'm going to pull some old material out"