Clean Up Your Act Productions

Jume 11th
Sewing Machine Factory
All Ages
Doors at three

This summer's fair will include a wide array of local, national and international original self published literature! Also Crafts, Art, Unique Gifts, Records, and more! Also the night will close with performances of original music! There will be four workshops offered during the day covering a variety of topics!

We are so excited to utilize this fantastic new ALL AGES space the Sewing Machine Factory, conveniently located under Millcreek Cafe! We are extremely thankful to the owners and staff for agreeing to host this event. They will be serving a variety of soft and hard drinks (for 18+) and delicious food with vegan options.

The fair will feature more then 30 unique vendors, the largest amount so far! Some of them include...

Unity Belt Comics
Edmonde Tonne
Burning Water Magazine
Anarchist Bookfair
Jeff Martin
Love and Fantasy
Twelveohtwo Distro
Junk Runko
Big Bear Beard Oil
Tegan B
Angela Skaley
Belly Buttons
Clean Up Your Act Distro
Corey Hamilton and Dramatic Situations
Special Boy Knits
Brandi Strauss
The History of Punk
Nils Rasmussen

Plus many many more!

Musical Performances by...

ROBERT BURKOSKY: https://www.facebook.com/robertburkoskyofficial/?fref=ts

EDRONET: https://www.facebook.com/Edronet-1634431073487195/?fref=ts

PRIMROSE HAWKMOUTH: https://www.facebook.com/primrosehawkmouth/?fref=ts

THE DADS: https://www.facebook.com/thedadsband.yeg/?fref=ts


"Art-ivism; Inspirations, Conenctions and Actions" by Social Seeds with Angela Skaley

Friendship Bracelets! With Charlotte Cuvilier

Stenciling with Tera Byte

Plus more!

Edmonton Zine Fair group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1096723270344928/