Double Lunch Presents:


Duchess Says was created in late 2003 by four influent members of the Church of Budgerigars who decided to collaborate together in a common musical project. Their goal was to insure a faithful representation of the message of the Duchess (or spiritual budgie) through a precise artistic dialog. Composed of A-Claude (vox, keytar, guitar), Ismael (keyboard,guitar), Phil (guitar, bass,feedbacks) and Simon Says (lo-fi beats, drums and doubtful noises). Duchess Says is serving us a repertory of "moog rock" songs strong in images and enormoustly intense live performances!Their musical influences range from no wave, new wave, punk, to cinema and visual arts. If you pay attention, you could see them perform in the most unusual places such as golf courses, shop windows, vacant building sites etc.. Duchess Says has the mandate to decontextualise the rock and to promote simultaneously their Church on the way.


Partner is a disturbing merging of special talents, created by Killer Haze alumni Lucy Niles and Josée Caron in order that they may freely explore topics as varied as time, memory, intimacy, friendship, Canada, and sexuality. "We hope you are wondering whether we're gay together".


Taking musical cues from industrial, punk, and German progressive movements, Fear and Desire expounds on the inhumane nature of existence, anxiety, and the impulses behind inaction. Though there are many signifiers in Conduct’s music — be it Hamburg’s Art Bears, Sheffield’s Hula, or Brixton’s This Heat — they have synthesized a unique and slanted approach to the four piece rock outfit. 


$10 Advance/$12 Cover
Doors 7:30 Show 8:30