Mama's Gin Joint
11723 Jasper Ave
9 PM // $10

Flying in from Athens GA, Doug Hoyer will be strumming & crooning throughout this solo set for y'all. Will he be playing new songs? Yeah, he'll toss in a few new songs. What about the old ones? Oh, he’ll practice those too, don’t worry. 

Jom Comyn, whom many of you know and love, will be serenading us with his whispered croon. Some words from the blog Sound and Noise: "If Jom Comyn's music was a time and place, it'd be 3 AM in your linoleum walk-up apartment. When the booze is wearing off. When everyone's too tired to speak but no one wants to leave so you lay around and watch the plaster ceiling. Somehow, in the crackling guitar and distant vocals, Jom Comyn (Edmonton's Jim Cuming) captures that liminality." 

Alternative folk with a gentle growl and a dark poetic undertow. Jude Nyro (Alex Dawkins) resonates with inspirations from Sibylle Baier, Joan Baez and Nico.