Double Lunch Productions and Blurred Lenz Presents Sleepkit w/Ghostkeeper and Max Uhlich Band

The Almanac
September 30th 2016
Doors 8pm, Show 9pm
$8 adv - 
$12 at the door



Max Uhlich Band

SLEEPKIT is a band who can genuinely be described as mind-expanding; from the very nucleus of their songwriting to the beautiful, texturally-ornamented arrangements, they manage to imbue each aspect of their music a sly veneer of otherness. The band's core members, RYAN BOURNE (Chad VanGaalen, Devonian Gardens) on bass and vocals and MARIE SULKOWLSKI (Devonian Gardens) on keys and vocals, have been continually refining their brand of psych-pop, culminating in an amalgam of dance, disco, prog, 60s breaks, both new and no-wave, kraut and sunshine pop, knitted together with baroque harmonies, driving pulse jams and technicolor noise. The duo actualized this vision on their forthcoming debut LP Champion Weekend, recorded and produced by Scott Munro (Viet Cong), and with the recent addition of Eric Hamelin (Ghostkeeper) on drums and Joleen Toner (The Slabs) on synth & vocals.

The music of Ghostkeeper is a continually-evolving organism; the defining aspect of all their music to date, coursing through each of their evolutionary stages, is that the band truly sounds like no one else. The current iteration of the band – uniting core members/vocalists Shane Ghostkeeper and Sarah Houle with drummer Eric Hamelin (Chad VanGaalen, Nomoreshapes) and bassist Ryan Bourne (Sleepkit, Devonian Gardens, Chad VanGaalen) – has carved out Ghostkeeper’s most unique soundworld to date. Their songs incorporate elements of '60s girl-group melodies, dashes of country royalty- Lynn, Wynette, and Cline -, and a profound melodic sense drawn equally from ‘90s indie rock, African pop, and traditional Aboriginal pow wow music. And the results are as catchy as they are singular. The brand new Sheer Buffalo 7” introduces the dystopian story of Sheer Blouse and Buffalo Knocks, spiritualist/explorer of realms and benevolent warrior, chronicling their battle against environmental destruction and the burden it places on their home lands in northern Alberta.