Double Lunch Presents:





Von Bieker plays songs of faith, hope and love on red guitars and borrowed pianos.


Electronic instrumentation and a heavy stomping foot meet thoughtful lyrics and the occasional poem to usher listeners into the soul's best hideouts.


Von Bieker has been playing music in Edmonton since the late 90's when he wrote and performed as a naive teenager with Audience of One. For 10 years, he coordinated and wrote for Bridge Songs, an annual album and concert of original Edmonton music bringing together dozens of musicians, visual artists and writers.


Tiptoeing through his Thirties so that Forty won't notice him, Von Bieker has now failed enough times to have a song or two worth singing. He'd like to sing those for you





Rebecca Lappa's latest album, Reckless Heart, the wise-beyond-her-years singer/songwriter bravely dives into the complicated sea of emotions that define modern romance, and emerges with a collection of songs sure to add her name to the roll call of Canada's brightest new folk-rock voices.





Passburg is the solo project of Mat Halton. Passburg is also a ghost-town in the Southern Rockies - the kind of place that inspires love, loneliness, passion, and calluses; dreams are created and imagined. Passburg expresses all of these things through crunchy guitar, soul-inspired vocals and lots and lots of tremolo.