Double Lunch Presents:

Jesse and the Dandelions

Jesse and the Dandelions are a 4 piece art/space pop band based in Edmonton Alberta, led by Jesse Northey (Producer,Engineer)
With Jesse and the Dandelions’ production values maturing alongside the content, their new album True Blue (2016) is enriched with classic synth and guitar textures that pays respect to the past, while forging their own path forward. String sections, a cacophonous blend of noise, and heavily layered vocal harmonies push accessible pop hooks into more psychedelically complex and intriguing harmonic territory that rewards repeat listeners by continuing to engage them.

The Utilities

Their work is genuine. They have been making music together for the better part of a decade with a sound that runs the gamut of folk and Can-rock. Their Indie is both familiar and forward-thinking.

Wyatt Louis