Double Lunch Presents:

Desiderata's Alcohawk Tape Release

Desiderata were a force of nature when theey began in Fort McMurray, Alberta. They played super techy, super fun songs. They eventually moved to Edmonton, toured a bunch, got to play with their heroes and left a pretty huge impression. In 2010 they recorded a great album with Jesse Gander called Alcohawk. The band ended up parting ways before they could release it and despite the band getting back together many times since, the record never got a physical release. Then Double Lunch called and begged them to let it happen. So it's happening



Blessed is a band based on uncompromising work ethic, a commitment to democratic involvement between members, striving never to repeat itself. Comprised of members from the Fraser Valley, the off-to-the-side Vancouver suburb the group resides in, Drew Riekman, Jake Holmes, Reuben Houweling, and Mitchell Trainor came together to create something they had been looking for in their previous projects. Between the four, their projects have toured internationally (US, EU), recorded with Corin Roddick (Purity Ring), and played many esteemed festivals (Sled Island, Rifflandia, NXNE, SXSW). After a winter in Montreal, guitarist/vocalist Drew Riekman approached the three other members about a project designed to fulfill a desire wherein they could create music with no boundaries in it's creative process, and tour as relentlessly as they pleased. After touring North America once and Canada three times on the strength of their first four song EP, Blessed is releasing a new four song EP on May 5th on 12" through Kingfisher Bluez (Allison Crutchfield, Xui Xui) and Coin Toss Records (Drug Control, Edgewise) and Cassette through Double Lunch from Edmonton.


Gary Debussy is three old friends playing noisy instrumental music on a guitar, bass and drums in Edmonton, Canada. The group's members have worked together since 2003 on a sound that mixes punk, metal, rock and improvised noise in tight, blistering arrangements. Gary has shared bills with bands like Deerhoof, The Shooting Guns, Zebra Pulse, Jom Comyn, Freak Heat Waves, Fist City, Slates, Boosh and Faith Healer. The band recorded many times over the years, but it was only after hitting Edmontone Studio and working with sound engineer Doug Organ that the members felt they had something ready for release. New record in hand, Gary plans to keep playing whatever rooms and festivals will have them while writing new music in the basement where they have spent the past fifteen years.

Link coming soon

18+ 8PM The Buckingham
$10 Advance/$12 door