We are super stoked to announce that we are releasing the new album by Calgary's If I Look Strong; You Look Strong! Entropy is fully formed, poppy, techy, mathy, self-indulgent and just plain good. It's damned good music. Noah takes you on a 20 track, 96 minute journey through the history of the universe. It combines their previous genres of Math-Rock, Pop-Punk, Grindcore, Black Metal, Baroque/Classical, and injects some fresh sounds like Post-Rock, Ambient, Pop-Ballads and Piano Sonatas. Careen and twist as you get launched through the universe on a crazy journey encompassing religion, morality, physics and tons of other crazy shit!

It's out on a double cassette. Lime Green and Galactic Purple. Seriously. So gnarly. Double CD by Non-Minutiae Records.